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Jul 29, 2018

For a while now we have been doing the Digital marketing Skills Test which helps you to benchmark your marketing skills knowledge and provides you with content that will help you improve and master more subject areas.


Recently we launched a Digital Skills Benchmark Report together with the CIM ( Chartered Institute of Marketing) . This report pulls together a full report on data from thousands of these benchmark tests, breaking skills down by industry and seniority.

In this episode Daniel shares some of the insights the 2018 Digital Marketing Skills Benchmark Report has given on the state of marketing knowledge within the industry, sharing with us 8 key insights the data provided. How do marketers fair with email marketing? How well versed is the industry on every expert's favourite conference talking point- Content marketing? How aligned are the skills of junior marketers and those in more experienced senior marketing roles? How well do marketers understand SEO? How knowledgeable are you all on strategic content planning? How hot are your user design skills? How are your Stakeholder management skills? Answers to all this and more in this episode.

We also announce the launch of our exciting new Online Learning programme which enables you to train for the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing in bite-size chunks. This is the first time this training is available purely online and is the perfect solution to ensuring you are thoroughly trained and skilled in essential marketing skills to boost both your career and marketing success. Do check it out if you are serious about maximising your career in marketing.

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