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Nov 30, 2020

We speak to  Gil Kahana, Co-Founder of innovative brand ChattyFeet. 8 years ago Gil quit a successful career as a user experience designer to start “ChattyFeet”. The idea was simple. Create socks with illustrated characters that make people feel fun and happy.  It grew from an amusing vision Gil had while at a party, staring at his own plain socks and imagining them animated with characters.

So many of us have great ideas but unlike the majority of us, ChattyFeet co-founders Gil & Humberto relentlessly pursued this idea and turned it into a successful brand.

 We explore some of the lessons Gil learned steering this fun start up down a path to greater things. From product development to marketing, Gil shares with us some of the secrets that have helped their brand grow.  Discover how they developed their product range from customer insight, and how they used crowdfunding to secure that all important main customer audience.

We ask ‘can socks become viral?’ and explore ‘Socks’ as a medium of self expression. If this sounds fun then you should really take a look at ChattyFeet’s product range.  Just a quick glance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and inspire you to an act of unfettered sock self expression.

 Useful Links

Visit The Chattyfeet UK website  or their new US website

Kate Middle-Toe - in a relationship with the British Vogue.  This is their instagram post.

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