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Oct 9, 2020

Want to learn how we boosted our social engagement 1700% with one social post? "You need this!…." :-)

In this episode, we share some of the ways we have been trying to up our game when engaging social and advertising audiences.

We all know how vital engaging our audience is. Our content marketing relies on it. Despite this knowledge, how much effort are we putting into finding better ways to grab more of our audience's attention so we can drive up engagement and cut through all the online digital noise?

Ciaran and Daniel explore how we can drive up engagement with our marketing.

We also investigate what we have learned from experimenting more with our headlines and social posts. Learn some of the secrets of Effective headlines, and discuss effective trigrams which we found boosted engagement performance 300%. Armed with these techniques, you really can gain greater insight into what engages your social audiences.

We also explore making use of Power words and Emotional spectrums to drive engagement and help your content and advertising campaigns stand out. Ciaran shares with us how he has been using Twitter video cards and Twitter Ads to multi-variant test social media content and text to find the most effective combination to drive audience engagement.

We also discuss clickbait sand how some of the techniques employed by the worst clickbait offenders can be turned around and used for a compelling campaign message. The trick is to deliver on the promise you set up with your enticing or juicy headline/post.

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