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Dec 15, 2020

Daniel shares with us an amazing tool for creating AI generated Video from a script, and ciaran’s mind goes into overdrive dreaming up ways to use this technology creatively in your marketing. We also explore some of the potential pitfalls and ethical questions around using such ‘fake real’ tech.

We don’t think it’s quite ready to completely fool the real world yet  but it is to our mind ‘fully functional’ and ‘perfectly operational’ as Synthesia’s brilliant beta shows. It’s only a matter of time before real and virtual have very little to differentiate each other.

Will technology like this usher in a whole host of virtual personalities? Check out Sythesia’s amazing demo and make your own mind up. The Father Christmas Message has endless possibilities and we have had huge amounts of fun with it so definitely check it out.

Useful Links

Santa Message Demo

Max Headroom Paranoimia by The Art of Noise Staring Max Headroom

Daniels Toeminator Socks