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Dec 16, 2020

Daniel and Ciaran explore useful tools that automate checking important things at scale to drive improved performance in your digital campaigns.

Daniel shares TheChecker which can be used to clean up your email lists. Doing this can save you money, but it can also dramatically improve your open rates and click-through rates for email campaigns. Nobody wants people on their list who are never going actually to get the email you sent in the first place. TheChecker can help you to clean up your lists, avoid ESP blockages and help to protect your sender reputation. Try it out and see if you can improve email inbox deliverability and campaign ROI. For some free credits to try it out, just the link below.

Ciaran explores how AI developed by Adzooma can help to improve and nurture your PPC campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads. If you are looking for a digital assistant that can look over your campaigns and suggest things you could do to improve their performance, then take this tool for a spin. Using innovative AI and machine learning, this tool can create, optimise and track the performance of your digital advertising campaigns in just a few clicks, and for free.

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