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Apr 16, 2020

Ciaran speaks to Digital Marketer and New York Times bestselling author, Neil Patel about Ubersuggest, a free SEO tool Neil has been developing since 2017. Neil and his team have been hard at work, developing the toolset's functionality from a simple keyword tool to a full-blown SEO app. If you haven't looked at it recently, we think you should look again. The free version is featured-packed, but the new paid-for version gives you a whole host of new and powerful functionality.

In this interview recorded in early March, Neil walks us through some practical, no-nonsense ways anyone can use Ubersuggest to build their marketing traffic and business using the tool's SEO feature-rich toolset. If you are looking for ways to drive more organic traffic to your site, this tool can really help to prioritise the steps you need to take to improve performance. 

We explore Neil's business strategy around developing Ubersuggest, including some of the running costs behind offering a globally available free tool like this. We also learn about the tool's new paid-for options that greatly open up the toolset’s power and functionality for a fraction of the cost of rival SEO tool suites.  

Since we recorded this interview,  Neil has opened up even more functionality to the free version Ubersuggest to help support businesses through difficult times. See for more details.

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