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Aug 12, 2020

Tasked with a question and a link from one of our listeners, Ciaran and Daniel explore their thoughts on asking "How?' and "How well online advertising works?"

We explore programmatic advertising's tendency to just bombard people with ads they ignore.  We also explore if advertising is an Art or a Science. We also explore if Digital can work in isolation, as Ciaran shares the results of an interesting experiment, he ran for a large UK brand.

Exactly how can organisations better understand the relationship between advertising and customers needs wants and resulting behaviour in both the real world and Offline? Are we all so focussed on digital and big data that we miss the bigger picture? All this and more explored through multiple rants from both Daniel and Ciaran on The Digital Marketing Podcast.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback on this episode. Agree with what we have said? Found this episode useful? Disagree strongly or have examples of your own work that shows things aren't always as clear cut?  Share and add to the debate. Get in touch.

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