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Sep 7, 2018

Do you properly target your display ad campaigns or do you follow more of a carpet bombing strategy? As marketers, it's easy to get hooked on showing adverts repeatedly to get results and argue how effective this is with your results data. However, given how much aggressively retargeted Ad campaigns are disliked universally it is no wonder that consumers and audiences are fighting back with ad blocking software. Research has shown that 11% of users globally have ad blockers installed on their browsers but for younger audiences, we have found the number is more like 70% plus.

Great advertising has always been about reaching the right audience receptive to your message. It’s not about throwing as much content out into the web to beat customers into submission.

In this episode, we explore more effective retargeting. Daniel shares with us how to build better audiences and target your campaign more effectively. Done well, effective targeting can greatly reduce your ad spend and massively increase your advert success and engagement rates so what's not to love. Listen in and start making your campaigns more efficient, and more targeted and loved by your customers.

Note: Since we recorded this episode Google as you may be aware updated their Adwords product name under the new name Google Ads.

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