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Feb 12, 2018

How well integrated are your email programmes with the rest of your marketing communications? In this episode, Ciaran talks to Philip Storey from Enchant about email marketing and what marketers can do to further supercharge what is traditionally the most productive of the online communication channels.

Enchant is a specialist email marketing, CRM and marketing automation agency founded by Philip Storey in 2014. They specialise in helping marketers to access expert guidance and achieve maximum return on investment from CRM, email and marketing automation. We explore with Philip how email can be fully used at all the stages of the customer lifecycle. So many marketers focus on acquisition but miss opportunities post-conversion. Discover some of the lost opportunities post-conversion that your email programme may be lacking.

Philip also explores effective systems integration, the big barrier holding back a lot of marketers email programmes. Your email service provider is not a CRM system but how many brands still use their Email marketing service like a mini CRM? We also explore Philip’s top tips on how to leverage on valuable data most marketers have which they are not making full use of yet. Listen in and supercharge your best channel for even more success in 2018.