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Jan 30, 2018

Miri Qylafi from Social Influencer Agency Fanbytes talks to Ciaran about Snapchat. We discuss where marketers and big brands often go wrong when marketing on Snapchat and Miri shares what Fanbytes have found works well for an effective campaign on this youth focussed social media platform.

Whether you are using the platform for your own campaigns or have always wanted to just understand the Snapchat platform a little bit better than you do, this interview will help you to get a better understanding of how Snapchat and its users work.

As discussed in the interview, Fanbytes have also put together a free ebook with examples of what works and what doesn't which is rather useful. Be sure to click on the video examples in this document. They are both entertaining and instructional and bring the concepts the document teaches to life.

You can download Snapchat Hacks Every Marketer Should Know here.