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Nov 18, 2022

Today we have an interview podcast for you, which we will be launching you once a month along side our weekly video podcasts, with new and exciting guests. Ciaran's guest today is Charlie Blake Thomas, CEO of EyeQuant...
Eye tracking studies have become a powerful tool that helps market research professionals understand how customers view their website or advertising material, what elements are most effective and how to optimise it to improve performance, however it can be really expensive and time consuming.

EyeQuant is a platform that combines advanced neuroscientific research, artificial intelligence and neural network modeling to simulate how users will react to your design work, with a 90% accuracy, as a scalable, more realistic approach to UX testing.

EyeQuant have kindly given our listeners a fantastic offer of a one-month free trial of their full platform, which you can retrieve by emailing with the subject line 'Digital Marketing Podcast'.

We hope you love the interview! If you have any feedback on the show, please get in touch and let us know. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please leave us a review.