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Feb 26, 2018

We speak with Arjun Jolly, COO and co-founder of adQuadrant, about how to go about building communities online. A veteran online community builder and participant, Arjun has many years experience of building active online communities for a variety of different brands both in the green products and gambling sectors. 
Ciaran and Arjun explore how communities form, and how marketers can go about building effective communities. How do you get started from scratch? What techniques can you use to drive rapid growth? What platforms offer the best user experience? Where do companies often go wrong with community building?  Should you advertise to drive growth and adoption of any new communities? Do online communities need offline shadows? Arjun shares with us the techniques and tips he has seen effectively deployed to build strong online communities with purpose and drive.
Useful Links:
Find out more about adQuadrant
Tools to build communities: Vbulletin and BuddyPress (community plugin for WordPress)