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Jun 8, 2022

It's hard to know where to start with running highly effective social media influencer marketing. Everyone talks about it, but few have successfully nailed it repeatedly and reaped the rewards

Ciaran talks with agency founder Sedge Beswick from SEEN Connects, an innovative social media influencer agency that specialises in helping top brands plan, launch and execute highly effective influencer marketing.

With a growing stack of successful social campaigns under their belt, SEEN Connects are well placed to talk the talk, and walk the walk when it comes to crafting brand influencer collaborations that scale.

Hottest Social Platforms?

We explore which are the current hot platforms and trends marketers can leverage in the social space. Is it all still about Instagram or is there a more exciting and innovative platform Sedge thinks we should all be playing with? ( Hint- There is!)

Crafting The Perfect Influencer Marketing Campaign Brief

Learn the best ways to work with social media agencies and influencers. Sedge shares some of the wisdom she and her team have developed over many years of working with brands of all sizes.

We also explore the importance of market research to inform and create campaigns that achieve real results, helping you to win awards and even land your next big promotion... Maybe! ;-)