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Mar 26, 2018

This week we have a much longer episode than usual. If you have ever travelled around central London, you may well have come across a unique brand of self-help street art created by artist Andy Leek and branded under the now famous Instagram hashtag #NotesToStrangers

Through his spontaneous street art, artist Andy Leek has grown a loyal following of over 82,000 followers on Instagram who document and photograph his work when they find it posted randomly around the capital.

Earlier this month, Ciaran met up and spoke with #notestostrangers artist Andy Leek and spoke to him about his work as an artist and how the whole project which has now become a full-time job came about and took off. ( Since we recorded this episode 3 weeks ago his following has leapt by 10,000 followers!)

As an artist, Andy is committed to following his dreams and taking risks but he learned his craft as an advertising creative working on some frankly brilliant creative campaigns in top London Advertising agencies.

Following a period of ill health and a rather brutal firing from his chosen career in advertising, Andy picked himself up by working on raising others spirits. He not only dared to dream but dared to take a risk on that dream and doing that has taken him on some amazing journeys. He has single-handedly crafted a strong brand with a loyal following, and he continues to work to spread positive messages in a world so often overcast with negative news. We massively enjoyed meeting up with Andy and we hope you all will too.