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Feb 16, 2021

Ciaran talks with Puneet Vaghela, head of innovation at Adzooma about PPC campaigns and how to optimise and refresh your PPC campaigns. Adzooma specialise in creating ai that helps marketers, so we thought their head of innovation would be the ideal person to explore what all marketers can do to further optimise and improve their Ad campaigns. 

Want to try something new in 2021 rather than stick with what you know and usually do? We explore some of the neglected channels marketers perhaps haven't explored. 


Have you tidied up the changes made to your account during the holiday season? Are you using audiences effectively? Are you targeting your campaigns as well as you could? Are you improving your ad campaign landing pages, so they convert better? You don't have to use AI to optimise your campaigns. There is a whole wealth of ideas anyone active with pay per click ads could put into practice. 

We also explore the recently announced changes to Google's keyword matching and talk about the pro's and cons of this big change to how you reach your audience effectively.

Listen in and grab a whole bunch of ideas for ways you could further optimise your PPC campaigns for success in 2021.


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