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Jul 18, 2022

Daniel and Ciaran are back with another Tips and tools episode. There is a real mix of different tools both Daniel and Ciaran have been using and found useful. We look into the challenges of changing your web site's DNS settings and how you can monitor what is happening with your DNS propagation on a global scale.

Daniel shares a fantastic tool for creating customer personas and user journey maps. We explore how to use both Personas and more detailed user journey maps. Ciaran talks us through a helpful exercise he runs, exploring the user journey using Avinash Kaushik's "See Think Do Care" model.

We look at creating the perfect marketing persona and user journey with UX Pressia, and Daniel shares his top tips on upgrading your marketing skills with coding tutorials. Ciaran shares some tools that help you curate amazing content for sharing with your networks and supercharging your PR outreach and journalist network.

And finally, we share two of our all-time favourite AI writing tools and explain how we use them. Don't miss out on the 10,000-word free trial of We genuinely think this tool will blow your socks off, and that's why we saved it till last!

Useful Links and Resources

DNS Checker

UX Pressia

See Think Do Care Model

W3 schools- Online coding tutorials


Exploding topics


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