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Feb 22, 2021

Ciaran talks to Karl Blanks, Co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts and co-author of bestselling CRO book ‘Making Websites Win.’ Karl shares with us their latest big idea, 'The Triple R Technique,' and walks us through how to use it.

What Is The Triple R Technique?

‘You can progress much faster if you increase the rate at which you explore avenues and abandon the dead ends.’ Karl shares a simple but incredibly powerful process developed at Conversion Rate Experts to do precisely that. Triple R is a simple, agile and dynamic process and will help you avoid obvious pitfalls. It guides you to find the best way to reduce the risks of your projects failing.

Karl shares with us a wealth of smart insights into working more efficiently as a team. Are you protecting everyone in your team from making the same mistakes? Are you syncing with reality as frequently as possible? Is there someone who has tackled something similar that you can learn from? Do you collate all your ideas for a project and rank them on ease of implementation and likelihood to double results? Are you breaking your project down into 'ROI Positive Bitesized Chunks?'

We also explore how playbooks can be a great way of boosting the popularity of Standard operating procedures. See an example of this for Webinars []

Learn about Mary's Meals, a fantastic charity, supported by the team at Conversion Rate Experts. Mary’s Meals provides life-changing meals to some of the world's poorest children every day they attend school.

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