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May 20, 2022

In Part II of our Analytics and Data Masterclass, Avinash Kaushik shares his tips for working effectively with your analytics and analysts. Learn how to ask outcome questions rather than questions about marketing activity. These questions will  ensure your focus on the company's most important metrics.

Conversion Rate & Customer Satisfaction

If you aren't keeping an eye on user performance metrics and conversions, as Avinash learned, you can damage your customer satisfaction.

Walking in your Customers' Shoes

Avinash shares with us the dangers of over optimising around a specific profit focussed goal! When did you last spend time walking in your customers' shoes and feeling their pain? Start asking more questions about consumer behaviour. This is the path to developing a type of empathy that directly drives profits.

Ever felt your data and reports get ignored?

Too often, analytics is seen as a necessary evil by marketing leaders - it's something that needs to be done, but it's not always clear how it ties in with overall goals. As a result, analysts can feel marginalised and undervalued.

Analytics Data & Business Insights that Demand Action

Learn how to ensure your Marketing analytics and reports can command respect and attention and have real influence. Avinash shares three concrete tips that marketing leaders and data analysts can take to communicate more effectively. We also explore the critical relationship between storytelling and compelling analytics insights. 

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