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Jul 15, 2019

Discover how can you get the most out of the traffic you already have with effective CRO. To aid us with this task, we speak to Jeff White, a leading conversion optimization specialist from Kula Partners in Canada who focus their work helping B2B organisations and manufacturers.

We explore what Conversion Optimization is, and what it can offer marketers brave enough to admit their website and content could be working much harder.

If you are interested in learning more about Conversion Optimization and how to go about practising it effectively, Jeff provides a whole host of useful tips, tools and resources to help improve what you are measuring and to help you learn and improve your skills around conversions.

Kula Partners

Kula Ring Podcast


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Conversion XL - Peep Laja’s blog


Conversion Rate Experts


Also as a bonus thank you for taking the trouble to read our podcast notes- Check out the full audio of their new book Making websites win which they are giving away for free at the moment as a podcast