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Dec 6, 2019

SparkToro is an exciting new influence search engine which enables marketers to search for genuine areas of influence online. In this episode, we speak to Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, the founders behind this amazing new tool. If you would like actionable intelligence on what different social and online audiences engage with, you will love this tool.

As Rand explains, most marketers searching for influencers base their searches on what the influencers say about themselves. What SparkToro enables you to do is to Identify what audiences passionate about a subject or social account, pay attention to, read, watch or listen to. We are excited by the opportunities SparkToro opens up for Marketing. Listen in and redefine in your mind where influence online really sits.  

We also explore what some of SparkToro's free tools do and how they can help you to better analyse and measure influence and audiences for any content.

Want to get early access to the full SparkToro tool? ( Trust us...You do!) Fill out the email form on their homepage and get updates from the Sparktoro team on their official launch. 

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