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Nov 4, 2021

How well do your day to day emails work for you? How well do you think they work for those that receive them?! Do they bore or thrill? Do you always get back what you need? Face facts, a lot of those emails you rattled off in a hurry today were pretty awful and they probably had a lacklustre response. What if we could help you change all that? What if, every email you sent out today was awesome and got just the right response?
We recruited international marketing, business branding and writing consultant Kim Arnold to help us all to become better communicators via email. An avid listener of the podcast, Kim, gives us a masterclass on dramatically improving the emails you send every minute of the day. This episode will inspire all who listen to be better at their craft so they can master using their work focussed emails as an instrument for change.
Dramatically reduce the length of all your emails (80 words is your target!) Save vast tracts of time to do more fun things. Master writing subject lines that get results.
If anyone in the team needed this, it was Ciaran! (We have many years of email evidence to back up this harsh claim.) We are happy to report that since this masterclass, Ciaran's emails have improved dramatically. Yours could too. Listen in and find out where it's all going wrong for you every time you hit send.
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