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Oct 25, 2018

We speak to Philip Storey from Enchant Agency who specialise in helping brands to improve their email marketing. Philip walks us through the art of email optimisation, exploring some tried and tested techniques and frameworks that any email marketer will be able to take and apply to their own email activity to drive improved results. We explore the culture needed for optimisation to thrive in an organisation and gain a measure of the change getting that culture for optimisation can bring about.

We also explore what can be learned from eye tracking studies and Philip shares with us a fab tool for simulating an eye-tracking study on your own emails and online content using advanced AI modelling.

3 Core Elements of Email Content
Want to implement Philip’s 3 Core Elements of Content? To save you all playing that section through to capture what Philip said, here’s what you need to focus on for each content block of your email.

1) A short descriptive headline
2) A descriptive proposition that is either 1-2 lines of content, short and sweet and if relevant maybe 2-3 bullet points.
3) A descriptive call to action

If you want to try this format, remember to test this it out against other blocks that don't use the format across a number of different emails to highlight and identify how well it works for your audiences. We were serious when we said you need to just start testing things out, so here is a great starter for ten. Develop your optimisation culture.

Useful Links

Enchant Agency:
Twitter: @philipstorey

Eyequant - AI-powered eye-tracking study simulator