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Feb 23, 2016

Daniel talks us through getting leadership buy-in to key digital transformation projects by answering some of the tough questions you might be asked. Ciaran gets a little over dramatic playing the role of a challenging senior team member asking tough questions which Daniel calmly and confidently walks us through.

Tough questions Daniel tackles:

  • How to deal with negative conversations online
  • How to minimise the chance that social team might say something embarrassing.
  • How to deal with leakage of confidential information.
  • How to deal with the disbelief that people we want to reach don't use social media.
  • How to deal with the risk of law suits from Social Media activity. 
  • How to solve the time lag from your compliance team.
  • How to spot potential errors or faux pas
  • How to tie social channel to business results

Take a look at  for some great resources that will further help you in this area.