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Jul 6, 2019

For any marketer with a heart who wants to connect with their audience, empathy in business has always been important. We explore with Author Minter Dial how empathy is effectively used in the workplace and how important it is as the marketing world embraces artificial intelligence. 

Are you hard baking enough empathy into the culture of your organisations? Are you exploring how you can work that into any chatbots or AI you may have already launched or are planning to start? Listen in and learn how and why to put heart into your marketing and A.I.

Minter Dial's book Heartificial Empathy explores why empathy is essential and how it can be harnessed by businesses that embrace it. Listen in and learn how Minter has gone on his own empathetic journey to help fuel digital transformation projects he’s been involved with. What mistakes are companies trying to harness empathy making, and how can empathy be configured to supercharge the effectiveness of artificial intelligence where it’s deployed?

Minter also shares with us his experimentation with an A.I. bot and how that ‘relationship’ radically changed his view on the power of mixing AI with empathy over five days.

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