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Oct 16, 2018

Podcasting continues to go from strength to strength with international consumption of podcasts growing steadily. With such consistent growth in its consumer base, we thought it was time we explored podcasting as a marketing medium with great potential for anyone looking for a new and exciting way to build and engage with a loyal audience.

In this Episode, Ciaran speaks to podcasting veteran and expert Rob Walch and VP of Podcasting Relations at Libsyn, the worlds largest podcasting network. An experienced podcaster, author and trainer on the medium, Rob has consulted and helped some of the biggest names in the industry including legendary author, speaker and podcaster Tim Ferris.

We explore what it takes to create a hit podcast and get Rob’s take on what podcasting offers brands and marketers interested in making use of this creative audio medium. With an estimated ratio of 1200 active blogs to one podcast, podcasting offers marketers and brands a unique opportunity to create digital content that reaches and engages large audiences way beyond what blogged content can achieve.

With a third of adults in the US now listening to podcasts on a regular basis, if you are looking for a way to engage with customer audiences in an entertaining and informational way, podcasts are hard to beat. Useful Links Libsyn Podcast Network The Feed Libsyn Podcast Podcast 411 Today in iOS Podcast Lore Podcast Selling on Ebay Inside Trader Joe's Podcast