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Jun 20, 2018

For some time now marketers have noticed that content marketing is getting harder.

Are you focussing enough on promoting the content you are producing or are you in a rush to burn through as much material as you can to get through that week or month? We explore how to make more of the content you are producing and how to track its impact more effectively.

Social sharing appears to be an activity in decline, and dark sharing is becoming more and more common. We discuss dark sharing and more shareable content and what it might help users say about themselves. Also under discussion - best practice for social sharing. Are you differentiating your content for different audiences or have you fallen into the trap of great social scheduling software that makes it easy to share the same posts multiple times on multiple platforms?

Daniel shares his views on the negative aspects of growth hacking techniques which all too often encourage marketers to think about what they can do to their audiences for personal gain rather than what they can do for their audiences to help and add value to that relationship.

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