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Jan 31, 2016

Ciaran talks to Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions at Adobe, about their research into both consumer and marketing professionals use of email marketing and the interesting insights it provided. With email marketing continuing to be a channel of communication that consistently drives results, we also discuss Adobe’s vision of the tools email marketers need and discuss what their email marketing platform provides. Adobe isn't so well known as an email service provider, but if you have used and love Adobe’s creative suite or analytics platform then take a look at the email solutions Adobe provide. Designed for multi channel marketers keen to further drive performance through better integration of email into online communication strategies, Adobe’s email solutions offer a compelling alternative to better known and less integrated stand alone email platforms. If you are looking for ways to reach your customers with more relevant and effective email campaigns check out these resources:

Take Adobe’s  free email maturity model online assessment and learn what your email strengths and priorities are:

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