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Aug 6, 2017

In a digital self-publishing world, it's become almost too easy to post out content in huge volumes. Blog posts, Video How To Guides, Social Media Status Updates, Live broadcasts, Webinars… They are all out there by the thousands. As a result, the level of noise in the content marketing space has become almost unbearable. So we think there are a few questions we should all be asking: - How good is our content and how effective is it at actually reaching your business goals? How much is our content getting shared? If you aren’t getting many shares then is your content outstanding enough?


There is lots to think about if you are employing content marketing tactics so how should we all rise to the challenge posed by an overcrowded content marketing space? When was the last time your organisation stopped producing all your content for a second to consider- Why exactly are we doing this? Where is this taking us?

Making your content marketing stand out

Learn how to rise above the overwhelming noise of content marketing currently being pushed out online with some key strategic approaches to what you are working. Daniel talks us through how to go about choosing and creating the best content marketing for your campaigns. What tools can help you refine your content targeting? How do you line up social media, launch email, guest blogging, and influencer outreach once your content is ready to launch? What should you do post launch as a follow up to optimise your historical content?  Listen In and find out now...


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