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Aug 13, 2017

Are you struggling to stay on top of your email inbox? Is everyone else in your company in the same boat? Maybe it's time you reviewed the collaborative communication tools you provide your teams.


Target Internet is a distributed company, so we all work in different parts of the country. As we don't all get to meet every day we have found online collaboration tools essential to effective team work. In this episode, we are sharing with you some of our favourite team collaboration tools that help get stuff done and keep us together, whatever the distance. We find they often save a heap of time too. Daniel shares with us the best way to get in touch with him, and we share some great tools for communicating with others more effectively than by email. And… Ciaran shares with us his new love… ( …well one or two of them!)


Useful links and resources






Ciaran’s Post-it note planner ( visit


Google Docs






Video conferencing and screen sharing




Google Hangouts 




Survey Monkey 


Google Surveys 


Polldaddy by Automattic