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Nov 11, 2017

Ciaran talks to Joe Cotellese an experienced digital marketer and founder of the social media tool Sharey. Ciaran explores Joe’s experience in learning more about customers and uncovers how Joe came to better understand quantitative and qualitative data working in the apparel industry while measuring up customers in their underwear. We also explore what Joe learned about marketing personas as a result of failing a Ninja aptitude test.

Joe introduces us to the tool he has developed to leverage more from curating content on social channels. We think Sharey gives its users an interesting angle for sharing curated social content to your social audiences. It follows in the steps of a variety of tools and services like Flipboard and Pocket and even Google Search that curate content from third-party sources. The tool allows you to place curated content into a distraction-free environment that you can add your own call to action on and share via social channels.