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Feb 1, 2021

How much of your PPC budget gets spent on clicks from people or machines with no intention of buying or converting? Daniel and Ciaran explore the tricky issue of click fraud and how you can help to prevent it. 

We interview Ilan Missulawin, founder at ClickCease, one of a growing number of companies who help detect and filter out fraudulent  search ad clicks on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

As you will learn, there are all sorts of keyword neighbourhoods that can experience ad click fraud for multiple reasons. Competitors, brand haters, accidental clicks, and even click farms can all increase your ad costs and deplete your daily budget if you let them.

Learn how you can help to protect your ad spend using AI software which can automate the process and help prevent your ads from showing to sources of invalid clicks in the first place.

Both Google Ads and Microsoft advertising provide help and support to help you catch and stop invalid clicks on your campaigns, and we have directed you to some of their support materials below. 

Useful Links


Google Ads Guidance on Invalid Clicks

 Microsoft Advertising guidance on Invalid Clicks

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