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Jun 28, 2022

Your online audience are a tough crowd. They are “Selfish Lazy and Ruthless!“ So how on earth do you write copy for the web to engage an audience like that who also have a short attention span?

Writing Web Content

There are so many different angles to web writing. Writing Web content can take many forms but all of it needs to engage your online readers and target audience. For Search engine optimization you need the perfect page titles and Meta descriptions, for blog posts you need the perfect intro paragraph that gets to the point and hooks the reader in. But that is just the start of your challenge. If your reader does engage and read, you also need to make a compelling enough case for them to act upon what they read. 

Most marketers struggle with writing for the web because it's different than other forms of writing. You have to consider your audience, what they want, and how to deliver that in a way that's effortless for them to consume.

Web Writing - The Perfect Web Page

In this episode Kim Arnold delivers something of a Writing for the Web masterclass to equip you with exactly what you need  when creating content. Packed full of tips and super useful writing frameworks and tools anyone can use to communicate more effectively, this is an episode you really do not want to miss.

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