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Dec 12, 2017

This episode has a bit of a backstory to it which we thought we would share with you. Ciaran was working on the podcast schedule when by chance he was contacted by another Ciaran Rogers on LinkedIn with a very simple message "Hey Ciaran, Great Name!" Out of curiosity he looked up the sender and saw his extensive background in advertising. They got chatting and the three days later recorded this episode over Skype. What started out as a bit of fun developed into a really interesting exploration of video advertising. ( Massively helped by the time and research which Ciaran G Rogers put into the project )

This time of year we are hit with a wave of seasonal must-see Ads. It would seem every big brand wants a flagship Ad that everyone is talking about and no expense is spared to dazzle. In this episode, we take a look at great work that works, not great work that works and ideas that seemed great that didn't work with video Ad examples from across the globe. Some of these advert examples we are sure you will be familiar with and some of which we hope are new to you. The object of the exercise was to boil what we can learn down into some vital ingredients that successful video advertising has. For show notes and links to videos please visit