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Jun 23, 2021

Did you know that with tailored AI powered recommendations, your online store might increase sales by up to 30%? Learn what AI could be doing to transform customer preferences into better outcomes for your customers and you.

To be successful, retailers must personalise their customer's experiences. To make this...

May 15, 2021

Is your CRM the great joy or your day or the bain of it? Does your CRM build relationships or hamper them?

Marketers are always looking for new ways to optimise their marketing efforts. And often, they turn to CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot to do so. In this episode, we explore the benefits of these systems....

Apr 30, 2021

Daniel and Ciaran share some of their favourite recently discovered tools for helping you with email. Discover a more efficient way for tracking all your competitor's email programmes. Learn how to create more effective emails signatures which look amazing. Need more time for your email? Check out the world's Best No...

Apr 26, 2021

For marketing, words are everything. But how often do you take the time to ensure your copy is speaking on behalf of you and your company the best way it possibly can?

Celebrating over 3 million podcast downloads, Ciaran and Daniel explore writing tools and techniques to help you boost your marketing efforts. Are you...

Mar 31, 2021

"Here's how to get good at strategy: words. Start with words, continue with words, and finish with words. You have one job - get good at words."

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