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Nov 20, 2010

Episode 11,
Long Sales Pages… Love them or hate them, they still dominate a big section of the online marketing sales arsenal across the web. The urban myth is that they particularly well in the US market. But do they? what do we think of them? are they still a valid technique? Daniel Rowles, Ciaran Rogers and Andy...

Nov 13, 2010

Episode 10,
The second part of a 2 part interview, continued from last weeks episode,  Ciaran and Rob explore the science behind ppc campaign landing pages, landing page optimisation, embedding forms, how to make your cottage look more french, A/B testing, how to measure your campaign results against industry metrics...

Nov 6, 2010

An introduction to PPC advertising.
This week we are discussing PPC advertising, with an interview with Rob Steenbrink from Maxlead, a leading search engine marketing agency in the Netherlands.  Rob walks us through the basics of PPC advertising showing us how to build an effective campaign that gets results...