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Aug 26, 2017

With crowdfunding successfully driving billions in revenue globally, crowdfunding continues to go from strength to strength as a viable source of funding and support for both business and personal endeavours.

We talk to crowdfunding expert Heather Delaney, a crowdfunding PR communications expert from Dynamo PR in San Francisco who specialise in helping companies build and execute successful crowdfunding campaigns. Heather launched the world's first crowdfunding division of a PR agency and is now a crowdfunding veteran with work on over 100 crowdfunding campaigns under her belt.

Listen in and find out more about effective crowdfunding strategies, how it works, and how you could make crowdfunding super effective as a viable means not only to fund your next product but also to supercharge your product development and market research. How do you balance PR with paid for advertising to get your campaign the stand out it needs? How to you make email marketing work for your crowdfunding campaign, and what do you do once your crowdfunding campaign has finished on your crowdfunding platform.

Curious about a 3d Pen? Take a look at 3 doodler who since launching on crowd funding have gone from strength to strength. But be warned. You will want one!

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Useful Links to the Crowd Funding Platforms Discussed


Crowd Cube
Go Fund Me