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Sep 17, 2017

Inspired by a podcast listener, Ciaran and Daniel explore the importance of testing everything in your Digital Marketing. We discuss both A/ B testing and Muti variate testing. If you start from the position that “You know nothing” it puts you in a good position to gain insights by testing and validating different variations of what you are doing. This technique can be incredibly insightful and because it doesn’t work on assumptions that can be wrong can very often surprise you. We also explore the new tool in the Google Suite for testing out different ideas and structures within your website, introducing you to Google Optimize.Listen to learn more about testing out your hypothesis and learning from the data that results.

We also speak to Digital Marketing Podcast Listener Kirtiman Kohli from India, who shares with us the insights he gained by employing Multivariate testing on his Facebook campaigns to quickly identify the best Ad headlines, and images for his content campaigns using to create all the variants. The technique drove 5x increase in the success of the campaigns by quickly identifying the best advert content combinations from hundreds of different variations. If you are interested in scaling up the reach of your Facebook campaigns without exponentially growing your budget to achieve this, Kirtiman’s experience and key learnings will be very insightful.


Google Optimize