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Oct 9, 2017

This week we are bringing you an online story that as far as we know hasn't been told, and we think it's a good one. If you enjoyed last weeks episode on building faster websites [] this week's interviewee will be a familiar voice. When we caught up with Jon Henshaw, Raven Tools Co-founder, Ciaran couldn't help but ask Jon a whole heap of questions about Raven Tools and how it came into being. What followed was a fascinating insight into Jon's journey as an entrepreneur, from releasing a very early and free SEO tool over ten years ago and how that tool turned into one of the most used and respected tools and brands in the SEO world. Jon's journey was not without challenges and problems as you will hear. How Jon and his team rose to those challenges is an inspiration to anyone looking for online success with their business. For any of you on similar journey's or who aspire to achieve entrepreneurial success online, we hope this story will inspire and equip you to build your own success story through both the high points and low points of your journey. Since recording this interview back In September the changes and improvements Jon talks about in Raven Tools have been released so be sure to check them out. Useful Links Raven Tools Pubcon Tapclicks