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Mar 31, 2021

"Here's how to get good at strategy: words. Start with words, continue with words, and finish with words. You have one job - get good at words."

Mark Pollard is a man driven by uncovering the truth.
A marketing strategist and podcasting legend he's developed his own unique way to simplify complex strategies.

Mark Pollard is used to going off-script when he's not satisfied with something--even if that means offending people or really making them sweat till he gets closer to uncovering the truth he searches for.
Ciaran experienced first hand the tremendous power of the '5 Whys" technique, just one of many in Mark's toolkit.

Mark shares his own refreshingly different approach to marketing strategy. Learn how he simplifies complex strategies to get at their core bones quickly. Learn how to get to the heart of an issue quickly by using your words as guidance rather than reading lengthy reports or consulting other marketers in an endless round of multi-layered strategy meetings.
Want to approach your strategy better? All this and more on this week's Digital Marketing Podcast.

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