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Aug 22, 2022

Daniel and Ciaran celebrate the Digital Marketing Podcasts’ 300th episode and over 4 million downloads! Now running for over 12 years, they reflect on 3-ish of their favourite episodes and share a few behind the scenes stories. With 300 episodes released and all still available to listen to, you should never be short of content to inspire and help you with your own digital marketing efforts.  We asked the guys to highlight 3 of their favourites but as you will see they have recommended 12 plus the entire category of tips and tools episodes. Delve into the archive and enjoy some of these gems which you may have missed.

Also in this episode, Daniel shares a brilliant suite of free online tools he’s been using that help you fix all manner of file and document formatting and conversion issues. Check it out - its really rather brilliant. We have an updated Digital Marketing Toolkit for you all. We also announce our up coming live webinars starting this autumn. Subscribe to our newsletter to get an invite

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