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Jun 2, 2020

Daniel shares with us some key insights and findings from Target Internet's digital marketing skills benchmark. The digital marketing skills benchmark assesses your digital skills in a variety of digital marketing disciplines against industry standards and best practice according to main job focus, level of seniority and industry sector.

Using data from an additional 3876 respondents, Daniel explores what's changed since we last published the report in 2018. The more we dug into the data and segmented it, the greater the insights into how digital marketing knowledge amongst marketers is spread.

How hot is the analytics knowledge in your sector of the marketing industry? How up to speed are you on search, social media or usability? Has the industry grown in confidence and abilities since 2018 or is the pace of change diluted the knowledge we have?

Is your organisation supporting a culture of learning for all of your marketers including decision-makers at middle to senior management and board level? We see plenty of evidence that many sectors of the industry are not. Listen in to hear which sectors are falling behind or just treading water and which are pushing their knowledge and skills ahead.

Learn how the knowledge balance is shifting as younger more junior members of the marketing team like Graduates, Interns and Junior Execs are growing their knowledge, whilst more senior managers appear to be struggling to stay on top of the pace of change in the digital marketing landscape.


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