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Aug 12, 2021

Daniel and Ciaran interview Richard Lucas, a successful business and social entrepreneur from Poland. Joined with a live studio audience of students from the Digital Leadership Programme, we explore the intersect between marketers and the entrepreneurial class. 

Richard has an extensive background in investing in and supporting small and medium-sized businesses. He knows the ins and outs of how to make business work as well as what can get in the way when it comes time for a company's success or failure.

Richard shares invaluable insights about life, business, Investing, and marketing strategies that win over entrepreneurs. His answers to our student's questions are both entertaining and highly insightful. 

Discover how Richard weighs up an investable business idea. Learn to see marketing and branding through the eyes of an experienced B2B investor.

We also discuss what matters to an entrepreneur, hiding your fears from your team, making payroll, and successfully managing large events.

Richard leads entrepreneurship workshops at business schools, universities and schools, notably Cambridge University Judge Business School and Krakow University of Economics. He founded CAMentrepreneurs  He is active in supporting community building non-profits around the world - notably Village in the City, Open Coffee High School,  and Open Coffee Krakow.

Useful Links

Richard’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Podcast

Richard’s TEDx Talk on how ambitious people can prepare for opportunity 

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Find Richard on LinkedIn

Open Coffee High School
 networking meetings organised by and for young people 

OpenCoffee Krakow networking meetings for business and social entrepreneurs

Village in the City building hyper local village like communities in cities

CAMentrepreneurs supporting business and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University alumni, students and others.