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Mar 2, 2020

All too often, Marketers in a rush to drive results focus solely on techniques to drive more traffic to their websites, but what if we simply made more of the traffic we already have? 

Daniel walks us through website user / usability testing and highlights some of the performance improvements it can drive. If you have never engaged in this type of marketing activity, you really should. It's such a simple, straightforward and effective way to drive website improvement that in our opinion every marketer should be regularly practising it. 

 There are many ways to approach user testing. You can employ specialist agencies with dedicated UX user testing labs, one-way mirrors and a plethora of expensive-looking people, gadgets, techniques, and kit. However, why allow them to have all the fun and glory. There is lots every marketer could do themselves if they make the time. All you need are some volunteers, some well thought out tests, a mobile or laptop with some screen-recording software and some regular time slots to run the tests. ( IOHO biscuits can also help the process, but these are optional.) 

Ciaran and Daniel share some insights from their website user testing and encourage all our listeners to give it a go. The more you do, the easier it gets, and it really can result in some dramatic performance improvements. Explore the techniques and tools you can employ and start saving your customers' from poor website or app experiences today. Listen in and learn how to conduct usability testing for your organisation.

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